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Virtual Paint Parties: become an artist overnight!


 It's super simple!

  1. Choose your favorite painting

  2. Pick your supply package 

  3. Follow along and finish a masterpiece in just one session!


Professional artist Jennifer Doehring walks you through the painting step by step. Every detail is explained: which brushes to use, how to mix the paint; and you'll get insider knowledge on the tips and tricks of painting water, sunsets, trees and more. Great for first timers!


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  • What is a virtual paint party?
    Virtual paint parties, or "beginner paint tutorials" are digital downloadable videos. They are pre-recorded and broken down into simple and clear steps. This gives you time to pause, rewind, and play over and over again! Make it a party by painting with your friends and family at home. Virtual Paint Party!
  • Are the videos live?
    No, this is not a zoom or live stream service, and you cannot ask questions or interact with the videos. However, if you feel like you want extra advice on a painting, feel free to schedule a zoom consultation! Check out the 'Private Lessons' tab for more.
  • What about supplies?
    If you already own art supplies, then you're good to go! If not, there are pre-packaged kits you can buy under the 'Virtual Paint Party' tab. Kits are available for one and two people, and they include every color and tool you need to complete ALL tutorials, no matter which video you choose! If you have more than two people that want to participate, fear not! There are "extra" brushes, and canvas you can add to your cart. The paint colors in the two person kit will suffice for a painting group of up to seven! Let's make this a party!
  • Do I need to have any painting experience beforehand?
    Not at all! No experience is needed!
  • What can I expect once I buy?
    If you purchased a video, you will receive a downloadable link via email. From there, you can play tutorials from your laptop, computer, phone, and more! You own the video, just like a movie! If you ordered a kit as well, expect a confirmation email and when your supplies ship, you will get a tracking number. (Free shipping for all items!)
  • Other?
    Feel free to email: and Jennifer will get back to you as soon as possible!
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