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Welcome to Palette Passions' Virtual Paint Party!


Professional instructor, Jennifer Doehring will walk you through painting the Cattails. This is an easy and beautiful sunset painting that will teach you how to blend colors. You'll finish feeling accomplished and proud of what you created.


Find your inner artist, one masterpiece at a time!


    • Instructional Workshop

    • Downloadable File

    • MP4. Format

    • HD Quality

    • 42 Minutes

    • Supplies Sold Separately 

    • 16"x20" Canvas

    • 1" Flat Chip Painters Brush

    • 1/2" Flat Wash Brush 

    • Cad. Yellow Medium or Primary Yellow

    • Cad. Red Medium or Primary Red

    • Ultramarine Blue or Primary Blue

    • Mars Black or Ivory Black

    • Titanium White

    • Paper Towels

    • Cup of Water

    • Palette Paper or Disposable Plate

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